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Revenue Recovery Rethought 

The Switch Underpayment Detection System is the automated alternative to traditional, expensive underpayment identification and recovery processes. Our system will get you better results faster and you can try it with no risk.

Underpayment Detection

Opportunity Finder

Automated analysis of standard data files to identify revenue opportunities

Switch Perspectives
Insights Platform

Simple, elegant, powerful web-based reporting applications

Eliminate Undercharges

Automate fee schedule  and contract maintenance in your billing system to eliminate undercharges

Revenue Cycle Compliance Pro
Application for Auditors

Track, schedule, manage and document physician coding audits and risk

Workflow Automation

Robotic Process Automation that uses your data to drive workflow, actions in your billing system

Switch Data Service
Data as any Service

Support for just about any leve of data needs for reporting, automation, workflow and transactions

EDI File Validation

Comprehensive error checking and file validation for any standard X12 EDI transaction type

Switch Engage
Advisory Services

For those times when you need an extra pair of eyes or an extra set of hands. We can help.


We created Switch to solve a frustrating problem in the healthcare provider revenue cycle: millions of small billing errors – whether caused by a software system, workflow or payer – going uncaught because of a lack of data, data in the wrong context, or lack of human resources to identify and resolve the issues in a cost-effective manner. These small errors turn into incredibly large missed revenue opportunities.

Our primary focus is supporting providers in streamlining revenue cycle operations through the identification and resolution of preventable errors while also optimizing payments.


"Switch RCM quickly became an integral part of our business operations. We were able to extend easy to use and understand analytics to a wide group of staff, from analysts to supervisors to our VP of Revenue Cycle. Switch also takes a real interest in our success both with the product and in our revenue cycle performance. Switch played a key role in helping us achieve some of our all-time best KPI numbers."


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