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Our core business at Switch RCM is to provide software and services for Revenue Cycle and Payment Optimization. Occasionally the work we do for clients or in the process of our internal product development creates useful byproducts for revenue cycle professionals (operational or technical) that don't fit into our core product offering. We still want to make these resources available to others if they can make something in your revenue cycle work easier. We offer these resources for free to the public when practical.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) Plan Identification by Alpha Prefix

The home plan for Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield members can be found through an alpha prefix on the subscriber/member ID. If you've ever needed a list of all the prefixes and home plans, you probably had trouble finding one. We did. So we created one ourselves and made it available for anyone who needs it.

ANSI X12 to JSON, YAML, and/or XML Conversion

Our ANSI X12 converter transforms ANSI X12 files into either JSON, YAML, or XML formatted files to allow the ease of segment identification and extraction for analytics or processing purposes.

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