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Insight-Driven Business

"There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception." - Aldous Huxley

Too often procuring information or insight from data requires you to know what the expected results are before even making the request. Put another way: you are often asked to start your data search with a conclusion. It is counterintuitive. By the nature of that model, you are limited in the new insights that you can gain from the data you get. In a lot of cases you can do little more than prove or disprove the hypothesis you were forced to start with.

Access to the appropriate information is critical to business. Information answers questions about the past and the present like: How did we do last quarter? How do charges compare to that of the previous year? What is our current accounts receivable? Are my employees working effectively? We’ve designed a system that can process large amounts of data so that you can easily and quickly get the information you need to answer for the current state of your business and distribute that information out to stakeholders.

Our goal though, is to go beyond the information layer and create applications that can truly be described as insightful. Our approach to development is to create applications that provide guided insight or the opportunity for user-discovered insight. We believe an application must have one or both of those to be strong. For guided insight applications, we compile data and information and present you something you may not have found otherwise. We also build applications with the flexibility for user-discovered insight. You do not need to have a conclusion defined before you work with the information. Just start digging and keep going until you find your diamond.

Using our applications to achieve insight will allow you to move toward an insight-driven business, where you can start confidently answering “should” questions. What should we charge for this service? Should we even bill this service? Should we dispute these denials? Where should I focus my staff to collect the most possible cash? It is a much different approach – and we think a valuable one – than making a decision first and trying to justify the decision with data.

You need access to a broad scope of data to create insightful applications and we give you that. Getting access to data at the source can be a challenge in healthcare. Many IT departments make it difficult to get direct access, outright forbid direct access or require that they broker any retrieval of data on your behalf. This means in a best-case scenario, you are trusting that your IT department understands your business well enough to give you the right data in the right way.

We fix the data access problem by giving you access to your own business data on a secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud based platform. Data is fed to us from a set of simple extracts from your practice management that take minimal effort and resources from your IT department. We provide the specifications and they build it. Once data is loaded you’re on your way with insight-finding applications to help your insight-driven business.

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