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Our Integrity suite is a complete contract management, contract analysis and contract modeling tool. We build and maintain the contracts in the system for your top payors, including Medicare and your Medicaid(s). 

Ensure Integrity using

  • Near real-time data related to contract rates and performance

  • Pre-configured dashboards for easy identification of underpayment or undercharging issues

  • A full contract modeling module to compare proposed terms against historical utilization and payments

  • Custom, self-service reporting​

Dashboards are interactive, allowing you to change views and sorts. And any dimension within the application can be used as a dashboard filter.

Comparison opportunities are limitless, as you can filter and compare providers against other providers, departments in different areas that have the same specialty. Find out not only how payors are behaving relative to the contract but also how well physicians are doing at getting the best out of those payor contracts.

Want to see it in action?