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Our core revenue cycle tool that tracks and connects hundreds of data points on millions of billing system transactions with no need for an enterprise data warehouse or other database system.


Get Insights from us that provide

  • Near real-time revenue cycle performance data, both current and historical​

  • Out of the box dashboards that provide you with data on Accounts Receivable, Denials, Charges, Payments and Adjustments

  • KPI reports that are easy to read, understand and portable (exportable)

  • Custom, self-service reporting​

If you just want a look at how your revenue cycle is performing overall or for the areas over which you are responsible, Insights includes standard dashboards that cover areas like:

  • Active AR and outstanding AR

  • AR trending

  • Insurance AR with aging

  • Self-pay AR with aging

  • Active denials

  • Denials trending

  • Gross and net collection rates

  • Write-off trending

  • Payor mix trending


Dashboards are interactive, allowing you to change views and sorts. And any dimension within the application can be used as a dashboard filter.

Need to compare providers, departments or locations against themselves or others? Insights also comes loaded with trending and comparison templates that allow you to select your data points and comparison measures and immediately generate visualizations or extract the raw data.

As to flexibility and self-service, say you need to calculate your First Pass Rate, Primary Denial Rate, and Net Collection Rate for ICD-10 code R06.02 for the past two years? No problem, you can do that yourself. Now you need to break that analysis out by procedure, payor, or both? No problem, you can do that yourself. It may take you 30 seconds. And once you have the data you need, choose the format in which you want to present it, whether it is an image, a PDF, or spreadsheet data.

Want to see it in action?