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Switch RCM takes data and analysis and transforms it into something powerful, useful and valuable. Bring that value back to your core billing system by feeding back several types of formatted data that enhance or enable workflows in the billing system.


Get Feedback from us to

  • Turn the powerful data tools in Switch RCM into system integrations that power functionality and workflows in your core billing system​

  • Work underpayment appeals directly in your billing system​

  • Monitor expected allowed amounts and net down A/R to your expected amount

  • Prioritize work based on value and automatically resolve items that are not worth pursuing

Feedback examples

  • Contract Builder

    • It is more important than ever to have your contract terms built directly into your core billing system. Contract rates help power workflows and provide accurate data for underpayment analysis, patient payment estimates and more​

    • Switch RCM's contract builder ports the contract terms built into the Integrity application and provides files that you can use to automatically build those same terms in your contract system

    • Use Integrity to do powerful analytics and contract modeling and have the same rates in your billing system so you can provide the value of the data directly to your staff and patients

  • Enhanced Claim Status

    • There are variations in how payors provide status for claims that are in-process, pended for more information or investigation, and those awaiting a remittance adjudication cycle

    • We understand the processing and payment timelines, as well as the different code combinations that the individual payors use and we normalize and classify status transactions into our own proprietary status grouping to ensure that claims are appropriately classified no matter which payor is billed

    • If your billing system supports it, we can also pass back claim status updates at both the claim and charge level, to automate claim acceptance, the routing of rejected claims to staff and prioritization and automation of work

    • Note: Enhanced Claim Status is included standard with Switch RCM's Process service and also available as a standalone claim status tool if you use another vendor or self-submit your claims

  • Charge/Claim/Account Prioritization

    • We use proprietary algorithms to determine the collection opportunity, the true cost to collect, and likelihood to correct

    • We score and categorize charges, claims and/or accounts so that you can drive actions like routing work to specific staff members or automatically resolving balances you are unlikely to collect or a balance that would cost more to collect than the amount that could be collected