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Analytics & Decision Support

Your Revenue Cycle business success requires you to have access to:

Appropriate information, at the right time, presented in an easy to understand way, in your preferred format, with an ability to create ad hoc reports. It is more critical than ever to have all of these things as your payors look for more ways to shrink your reimbursements and the cost to care for your patients continues to rise. In healthcare, access to data is often more difficult than it ought to be for many reasons. Lack of resources. Restricted or no access to either source data or enterprise warehouses. Outdated systems unable to run fast, comprehensive, and interactive ad hoc reports. Cumbersome IT requests for data or report creation. These are just a few contributing factors. You need insightful applications with both depth and breadth of data that is easy to use.​

Our tools deliver:
Appropriate information

  • Your revenue cycle and related data

At the right time

  • Data refreshes daily and your data is available 24/7/365 through our secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud-based platform

That is easy to understand

  • Out-of-the-box, interactive dashboards that cover AR performance, denials, credits, insurance follow-up, contract performance, and contract modeling

In your preferred format

  • Export any graph or table in Excel, PDF, or image formats. Create presentations and reports directly from the application. Optionally, automatically distribute customized report data in PowerPoint or PDF formats

With ad hoc reporting

  • All applications contain a custom reporting feature enabling users to create reports, graphs, and spreadsheets containing any dimension or measure available within the application

AR (current and historical) financial analytics and reporting suite

Contract performance financial analytics and reporting suite