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Automate your processes with us and 

  • Create standard reporting templates for reports that can be generated and automatically distributed, whether it is daily, weekly or monthly

  • Distribute ​​report content in different formats based on the audience and usage​​

Switch RCM's Automate platform is a full report distribution system that can simplify the process of getting reports out to consumers. Reports can be produced in a variety of standard formats and they can be scheduled and distributed automatically only to the consumers who should receive the report and have access to the information. Expedite process, save time and money while sharing knowledge and analysis across your organization. Automate can be added onto any of the Switch RCM Analytics & Decisions Support tools


Core features:

  • Scheduled and one-time distribution of reports

  • Online portal for users to view, download, and subscribe to available reports

  • Roles-based security to ensure that only people who should have access to certain sensitive data or PHI get access

  • Report formatting includes a full Microsoft Office integration, providing the ability to generate reports in PowerPoint, Excel, and Word, in addition to PDF and other standard reporting outputs