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ANSI X12 to JSON, YAML, and/or XML Conversion

Our ANSI X12 converter transforms ANSI X12 files into either JSON, YAML, or XML formatted files to allow the ease of segment identification and extraction for analytics or processing purposes. This converter allows the user to structure their converted ANSI X12 files in hierarchical manner that is either visibly nested according to the implemented loop specification or flattened where hierarchical information is contained in segment level key value pairs. This converter is highly customizable and allows the user to choose custom key tagging as well as incorporate metadata to enhance the meaning behind the data. Additionally, this converter offers validation, filtering, and error reporting according to the ANSI X12 standard to prevent erroneous data from distorting your analytics.


We have default options configured so that you can convert your data immediately.

  1. Loop Level

    1. Loop ID

    2. Loop Name

    3. Situational Rule

  2. Segment Level

    1. Segment ID

    2. Industry Assigned Segment Name

    3. X12 Segment Name

    4. Situational Rules

    5. TR3 Notes

    6. X12 Set Notes

    7. X12 Purpose

    8. X12 Comments

  3. Element / Composite Level

    1. Element / Composite ID

    2. Implementation Name

    3. Data Element

    4. Data Element Name

    5. Data Element Description

    6. Data Element Code Definition

    7. Situational Rule

    8. Implementation Notes

    9. Implementation Code Descriptions

    10. X12 Semantic

    11. X12 Comments


Supported Versions:

  • All adopted/final versions of X12 transactions are supported including 5010 and 4010.


Other Information:

  • Data Element Data Type conversion is available.

  • String formatting is available on all keys and metadata options.


Please Contact Us to discuss pricing for custom validation, filtering, and/or transformations.

If you are new to EDI Analytics, interested in flattening ANSI X12 to csv clusters, interested in having us manage your ANSI X12 Databases or have any other questions, please Contact Us.

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