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Advisory Services


  • Engage with us because

    • Sometimes you just need another set of eyes to help you analyze and understand what your data is telling you​

    • Other times you may need help prioritizing projects within your revenue cycle, evaluating workflow efficiency, or making sure you are getting proper value from your third party vendors

    • Whether you need a little help occasionally or something more involved, we can help you with the help of industry veterans who are experts in their fields


Switch RCM is not a consulting firm in the traditional sense. We do however offer advisory services as an extension of our products. Engage provides opportunities for our clients to bring us in for targeted project work that is beyond the scope of normal account management. We use data analytics to create the foundation for evaluating workflows, services offerings, staffing ratios and targets, staff efficiency, staff quality, business operations approach, or business strategies.

Example Engage projects

  • Find out how your pricing methodology compares to other providers in your market and whether a different pricing methodology may work to make your organization more attractive to shopper patients who have choice in where they go for services

  • Determine how you can increase your clean paid claim rate by finding opportunities to reduce denials, claim edits and unnecessary charge review

  • Evaluate staff production relative to business volume and determine where opportunities exist to meet or exceed industry benchmarks

  • Create a program for automating the measurement of staff work quality and use that to create an overall staff quality rating